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Medi-Cal health insurance plans are offering free, medically-tailored meals & groceries to qualified members with health conditions. You could be eligible for our delicious meals & meal kits! 

You could be eligible for our delicious meals & meal kits! 
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This benefit is available through participating Medi-Cal Health Plans. Individual member eligibility depends on rules determined by DHCS and the Medi-Cal health plan.

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Eligible members need to have access to a refrigerator to store their food.

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Getting food delivered through another program could impact your eligibility.

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Help us prescribe the right food for your specific conditions and tastes by choosing pictures of the foods you eat today.

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Step 1: We learn about your diet
It's easy to tell us about your diet by choosing pictures and answering a few more questions.
Step 2: We verify you with your health plan
We contact your health plan to authorize you for for this food prescription.
Step 3: We start sending you healthy food!
We let you know when your first order of condition-tailored food is being delivered!

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Participation Agreement

By checking this box I agree to participate in a food prescription program offering (also known as a Medically Tailored Meal Program), which includes my agreement to:

- My completion of all required intake steps with the medically tailored meal provider required to successfully enroll me in a medically tailored food benefit program, if I am found to be eligible for a given program.

- My consent to be referred into this program by my medically tailored meal provider.

- My consent to be contacted about my enrollment in programs, my medically-tailored food orders and deliveries and other program-related activities, as well as about my eligibility and enrollment in other program offerings that may be relevant to me.

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